API documentation generator for PHP 5.3+

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ApiGen is the tool for creating professional API documentation from PHP source code, similar to phpDocumentor.

ApiGen has support for PHP 5.3 namespaces, packages, linking between documentation, cross referencing to PHP standard classes and general documentation, creation of highlighted source code and experimental support for PHP 5.4 traits.

Take a look at an example.

ApiGen uses a Nette Framework templating system and Markdown Markup to produce useful and easy to read HTML documentation, FSHL to create highlighted source code and TokenReflection to describe the documented source code.


Installation and usage

See readme on Github


We are generating documentation for the Kdyby components We want Nette and Doctrine to be parsed as well because we want their classes to appear in class trees, lists of parent classes and their members in lists of inherited properties, methods and constants. However we do not want to generate their full documentation along with highlighted source codes. And we do not want to process any "test" directories, because there might be classes that do not belong to the project actually.

We create apigen.neon with settings:

destination ../docs

	- vendor/kdyby
	- vendor/doctrine
	- vendor/nette
	- vendor/symfony

skip-doc-path: "~/doctrine2/*"
skip-doc-prefix: Nette

exclude: "*/tests/*"
title: "Kdyby"
Then we run
in dir where apigen.neon is placed.

Support & Bug Reports

For bug reports and issues use repository issues. Changes between versions are described in releases.


ApiGen is distributed for free. If you really like it and want to support its developers or if you want to support a particular feature to be implemented, you can send a small donation using your credit/debit card by clicking on the button bellow. The actual amount is fully up to you.

Thank you.